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Q & A about Herbalife Products

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There are about 25 flavors worldwide. Check with your local distributor what flavors are available in your country.

Flavors in UK:
Vanilla / Chocolate / Strawberry Delight / Cookies & Cream / Banana Cream / Café Latte / Spiced Apple / NEW Mint Chocolate / Mint Chocolate Crunch / Summer Berries / Free From Vanilla

Do you eat a variety of colourful fruits and vegetables and do you eat at least 5 servings a day of these?

It is important to eat at least five servings per day of fruits and vegetables to get the fibre, vitamins and minerals these foods contain. Eat a wide range of different coloured fruits and vegetables to get a variety of the thousands of substances only found in plants that help keep you healthy.

Plateaus are like bumps in a road. Don't be frustrated. It doesn't mean that you have come to the end of the road.

As you get towards your target weight you lose weight at a slower rate than you did at the beginning. This is caused by the increase in muscle mass when you diet with Herbalife. Muscle mass weighs more than fat. Consequently, it slows the weight scale down a little bit - BUT the good news is that you instead will see an acceleration in loss of centimeters! And after all, it's all about shape and lost centimeters. Just keep going!

See more on this subject in the course "Weight Management Basics", when you're logged in.


Yes absolutely. The Formula-1 shake-mix is a meal replacement. You take a shake instead of a cooked meal if you want to lose or maintain weight. The price for this nutritious meal (read shake) is what you would pay for only ½ a cup of coffee anywhere.

See more on this subject in the course "Weight Management Basics", when you're logged in.

What if I gain weight? Is my program over...?

No, it's not!
Learn more in the course "Weight Management Basics", when you're logged in.

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Are you getting your recommended daily allowance of Calcium?

You should have a minimum of 800mg of calcium per day. Calcium is important for bone health, and also helps to keep blood pressure in check. The best dietary sources are non-fat dairy products and calcium-fortified foods. Since most people don’t eat enough servings of dairy products daily, a combination of foods and supplements is often needed.

Do you snack throughout the day?

Snacks can help keep your energy levels balanced throughout the day, but only when they provide the right nutrients. Avoid high sugar, high fat snacks – which not only are unhealthy choices, but lead to energy highs and then energy low – causing you to want to snack again. Choose healthier snack options that are high in protein, fibre and low in sugar and fats.

Do you drink at least eight glasses of water a day?

If you wait until you are thirsty before you drink water, you may already be dehydrated. Your body requires water for many functions, and being well hydrated helps keep your skin and other tissues healthy.

Do you have the energy and focus you need to meet your daily challenges?

We all want to perform at our best during the day. Regular exercise and stress management can help you sleep better and feel rested and energised for the day.

Are you free of water retention and bloating?

Excess weight can sometimes simply be retained water. Bloating and swollen ring fingers are clues that this may be happening, and it is important to maintain normal water balance.

Do you stay away from fizzy drinks and typical snack foods throughout the day and after dinner?

Snacking on healthy fruits and vegetables is one thing, but high-fat, high sugar treats are foods people may turn to out of stress, boredom or habit. Try replacing these foods with healthier snacks, or enjoy a hot cup of tea to help you relieve stress.

Do you usually have time to prepare balanced meals, rather than take-out or eating on the run?

With our busy lives, it is tempting to pick up prepared foods or fast foods, and we often eat while we are doing other activities. There are many convenience items, such as pre-washed salad greens, frozen vegetables, pre-cut fruits and quick-cooking poultry portions that make healthy meals quick to put together.

Do you maintain a stable and appropriate weight?

Maintaining a healthy and appropriate weight can be achieved with regular exercise and following a diet that is based on low-fat proteins, fruits, vegetables and controlled portions of whole grain foods. Many people go through cycles of weight gain followed by quick weight loss, which can lead to loss of lean tissue and reduced metabolic rate. Herbalife's solution is the Formula-1 shake that is a healthy and nutritious full meal in a glass.

Do you get a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise 3-5 days a week?

Getting exercise that stimulates your heart at least 3-5 times per week for at least 30 minutes will help keep your cardiovascular system healthy, help maintain a healthy body weight and can help reduce stress.

Is your digestive system free of indigestion or irregularity?

Indigestion or irregularity can be reduced by eating 25 grams of fibre per day from fruits, vegetables and whole grains, drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water per day and reducing stress through exercise or meditation.

Do you avoid the intake of fried foods, dressings, sauces, gravies, butter and margarine?

Fried foods, dressings, gravies, sauces, butter and margarine add lots of calories and saturated fat to your diet even when eaten in small amounts. Since it is difficult to control the portions you eat, it is best to avoid these foods as much as possible.

Do you eat oily fish (such as salmon, mackerel, sardines, trout) at least 3 times a week?

Oily fish provide the healthy ‘good oils’ that may help to maintain a healthy heart when eaten as part of a healthy diet. They are also generally lower in fat than other meats and can help you maintain a healthy body weight. Herbalife's fish-oil capsules Herbalifeline MAX provide a healthy, nutritious and tasteless solution to this.

Do you consume primarily whole grains (100% whole wheat bread and pasta, brown rice) rather than regular pasta, white rice and white bread?

Processed and refined grains provide mainly starch as empty calories. It is important to get whole grain baked goods so that you get all the goodness from whole grains including the vitamins, fibre, and protein found in these important foods. Herbalife have nutritious and tasty solutions for this. One example is the Oat Apple Fibre powder you can mix into your Formula-1 shake for breakfast.

Do you eat more meals with poultry, lean meat, fish and plant proteins (beans and pulses including soy) rather than steaks, roasts and other red meats?

White meat of chicken or turkey and ocean-caught fish provide less fat and saturated fat than most cuts of red meat or pork. It is important to eat more of these “better-for-you” meats rather than high-fat meats such as hot dogs, steaks and roasts and to balance your proteins by eating some plant proteins such as soy every day.

DISCLAIMER: Always use Herbalife products within a balanced and varied diet, as part of a healthy active lifestyle. See individual packs for directions for use. All references to weight management relate to a Herbalife Weight Management Program which includes, among other things, a balanced diet, regular exercise, an adequate daily fluid intake, nutritional supplementation where required and appropriate rest. Individual results will vary. The products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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